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  • Carmel Valley Lodge - new owner/bad experience

    The new owner as of nearly a year ago of the Carmel Valley Lodge is a difficult man, Mr. Tong Kim. Our best advice is to stay away. 'Gio', the General Manager when we booked our reservations, is rude and incompetent. Ownership changed during the past year, unbeknownst to us when we booked 21 relatives in the lodge for a 3 day stay this August. We had been going here for years with our well behaved small dog and always enjoyed it and the people who ran it. Three weeks before our stay, our confirmed rates were increased. Reasons given varied, including %u2018we made a... More...
    marybutler's Picture   marybutler    0 Comments   Comments
  • Country Inns and Suites, Chester, VA -- horrible stay

    We were placed in a room where the ac unit wasn't working and our temp in our room all night was 80 degrees. If we had been told upon check in I would have tried to find another room in another hotel. No apologies, no sorry, no help. When we checked out, we were told that Travelocity would email us the bill 1 1/2 hours after we left. Nothing was received. 3 days later I called Travelocity and asked and that agent told me that Country Inns and Suites should have given me the bill upon checkout. I've since called customer service Country Inns and Suites to let them know I am... More...
    jeanreistle's Picture   jeanreistle    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Booking

    Recently I took a trip to Cozumel Palace in Cozumel Mexico. I booked my hotel reservations through Travelocity. Despite telling the booking agent at the time of booking that I had two children with me and that was noted on my email confirmation, upon arrival I was told that there would be an extra $192 charge for my older child who is 14. Despite over 2 hours of negotiating with the hotel, I was unable to get them to budge on the reservation. I have email and printed confirmation of the reservation. Since returning home, I've spent well over 2 hours trying to resolve this with... More...
    dianali6373's Picture   dianali6373    0 Comments   Comments
  • Still waiting for refund

    I have called 4 times trying to get my full refund for my hotel (I purchased travel package protection and am entitled to the $2223.42 but instead they gave me $2.23. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I also cancelled my airfare and was left with a credit with the airline and when I used it to re book (but to a different level cation) they double charged me and I still have yet to get my remaining credit. More...
    Bobbyandstacy's Picture   Bobbyandstacy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Spirit airlines- WORST

    I always book my vacations on Travelocity so I can get the flight and hotel at one time. On my recent trip to Vegas, I was assigned Spirit airlines with the hotel. I haven't flown it before so I thought it would be fine. It was the ABSOLUTE WORST airline experience. They charge for carry on bags, and even for choosing your seat. If you check in ahead of time, you still have to wait in the enormous line at the airport just to get a bag-tag. All of the flights around my flight time (an hour before up to four hours after) were either delayed or canceled. Chicago had perfect weather that... More...
    cmoconnell's Picture   cmoconnell    0 Comments   Comments
  • Canyon Motel & RV Park (Willaims, AZ)

    Amazing business!! We have stayed here 7 weeks at 2 different sites. We've used all facilities and they are top notch! This park is ran very professionally and efficiently. Great pool, showers, laundry, and walk area for exercise and pets. Traffic is controlled nicely and the flow is wonderful. The code-locked laundry and showers are protected and wisely regulated against children being in the facilities alone. Clear rules and instructions are posted throughout the park/motel. The staff are friendly and helpful. This is a safe place to stay!! We were so comfortable the entire time.... More...
    MTmom5's Picture   MTmom5    0 Comments   Comments

    Travelocity lists false information on the website ("Book Now, Pay Later for hotel rooms actually means pay full price for the entire duration of the reservation upon booking). I would never have booked if I knew I would have to pay the full balance up front. To make matter worse, the customer service is TERRIBLE. I wasted several hours on 2 different calls, speaking with various agents, some claiming to be supervisors (the last was Benjamin #8084517). I could go on venting about my horrible experience, how I caught the agent lying, how I had proof / computer screen shots of the... More...
    BlSk's Picture   BlSk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Guesthouse music valley drive, Nashville, TN

    I recently stayed at the Guesthouse Hotel on Music Valkey Drive, Nashville, TN for a huge Beachbody Event. We are going again in 2016 which means 25,000 plus more coaches and their families will be bringing in lots of money.. I wish to Say that this hotel is fraudulent and charged me 250 in charges that are bogus.. I will be giving them very bad reviews to my company and telling as many coaches as possible to not stay there next year! More...
    Dee013's Picture   Dee013    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hampton inn Tampa hidden river parkway

    I stayed in this hotel for two weeks, and while the rooms and breakfast were better than most, my stay was made one of the most special hotel stays because of one extrodinary individual. Her name is Pam Calhoun. Every morning she greeted me with genuine conversation and a smile. This may seem like something you'd expect everywhere, you might even think it common place. However, I can tell you that I've traveled for 25 years, stayed in numerous hotels. I've never come across a more genuinely pleasant individual. She truly made me feel welcome, and even a little sad to leave.... More...
    Sduncan's Picture   Sduncan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Herods hotel in eilat

    The Harods hotel boutique is great; however, the tour company that Harods associates with are the worst. Travel consultant Yaron charged us $US 65 more per person than guests from other hotels. We took a day tour to Petra and had to sit at the Jordan border for 1.5 hours for guests from other hotel who showed up late. Lunch was included, yet our guide did not feed us until 4:00pm. Needless to say, we all were "dying" after 7 km hike. The guide told us that camel and horse rides were included and we only needed to tip people. He then yelled at his guests for tipping less than $us5... More...
    naronheim's Picture   naronheim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrendous service and outstanding incompetence

    I have made several phone calls to try to resolve my most recent and absolutely last booking with Travelocity. Communication is poor and resolve is zero. Since I was unable to change my reservation on line I had to call Travelocity, I did, actually several times. Travelocity after repeating the rhetoric they are most likely instructed to do, the rep called the hotel to a get approval on my change request from 3 nights to 2 nights. No problem hotel approved request.I even called the hotel after to make sure all was as it should be. The hotel rep said Travelocity sent over the change request... More...
    blcnec's Picture   blcnec    0 Comments   Comments
  • Liars to get a sell

    Your company ruined my vacation!! Horrible customer service.. It took almost 3.5 hours of trying to explain my case..not including getting hung up on..From booking a flight to promising that my dog is taken care of, to seating issues-splitting my family up is onething-but to put my child in a seat far away from her parents is ridiculous to me, 3. Booking me 45 min away from theme now I have to pay additional money to get back & forth from the theme park-which is 50.00 oneway!! But the shit that really pissed me off the most is when we were talking to travelocity they tried to... More...
  • Very Poor service/July 3 2015

    Worst company ever!!! Very poor!! I booked 2 to 3 months in advanced. I called and spoke with a gentleman and asked him that I am booking 2 adults, 1 child under 2 & my meduim/large dog..and it didn't matter where we stay-just in close proximity to Disney theme parks. I then said please book according to my dogs needs..a pet friendly hotel & pet friendly airline. He stated that he has every squared away. I paid for it!! Called the airlines to see what size kennel I need. Well the airlines told me that they couldn't book my dog due to his size. So I then I called... More...
  • Worse experience with Travelocity

    Well for starters my wife and I had not taken a vacation for literally 4years we have a business hard to get away we decided to go to the Grand Canyon was are check list any how we booked a couple a months on Travelocity we never got seating arrangement when we got to airport find we are seated separately was already in bad mode when we finally arrive to hotel late at night that side of lodge had no Ac well for two days we were like that until spoke to manage. Finally got us a cool room with all said it was mid leading by Travelocity will never do that again prefer going to a agency. More...
    alexabreu0317's Picture   alexabreu0317    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity did not live up to expectations. Customer Service is BAD

    Travelocity commercial boasts "We will make your vacation smell like roses!" More like fertilizer for roses!! Arrived at a filthy hotel, with the desk clerk constantly on his phone. No attentive service. There was leftover candy on the floor in the room from the previous guest. The room was not as clean as it should be. The elevator was broken. The room smelled like bleach. The Travelocity agent was unable to secure me another room some place else, I had to do that on my own! He was very inept!! The hotel would not refund that night, but Travelocity was able to process a refund... More...
    turner5030's Picture   turner5030    0 Comments   Comments
  • My Place Hotel in Dickenson, North Dakota

    I was extremely dissatisfied with my recent hotel (booked through travelocity) at "My Place Hotel" in Dickenson, North Dakota. The room was much too small and had a double bed, rather than the Queen sized bed that was promised. The odors were disgusting, I'm sure these odors were due to a number of reasons...extended stay "residents" that were cooking in the rooms, and maid service was performed only once every 4 days (according to the manager on duty when I checked in). The pillows and bedding smelled terrible! I "beared with" these issues because I was... More...
    kristienass's Picture   kristienass    0 Comments   Comments
  • travelocity

    I made reservations for a hotel through travelocity and then callled the hotel and they confirmed my reservation and sent me a email and the amount of charge was almost $90.00 less then travelocity so I called travelocity and made them do refund of the over charge or else cancel they have refunded the difference so you should be calling the hotel for the rate when you deal with 3rd party companies you are overpaying this is not the first time I had a issue More...
    landsharkdan's Picture   landsharkdan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Settlers Crossing Bed and Breakfast

    My daughter and I stayed in the Indiana House in early May of 2015. We were charmed with the period-perfect furnishing and the rustic beauty of the restored home. The whole Settlers Crossing area is lovely and each home has its own unique character. The beds were so comfortable and the outside area was great for grilling; the continental breakfast items are delicious! The walking track around the whole complex is easy to navigate and the goats and the donkey are fun to watch, as well as the varied birds and occasional deer. We will certainly stay there again and hope to in the... More...
    mcginnism's Picture   mcginnism    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Reservation

    Words can not explain how displeased and upset I am with Travelocity. I booked 2 rooms a month ago for ATL, and when I get to the hotel the staff tells me that I have 4 booked rooms, so the hotel advises me to call Travelocity to make sure they contact the hotel to tell them that 2 rooms are canceled so I wont be charged. The hotel cant cancel on their side they have to have Travelocity do it. So I call Travelocity to get this taken care of the wait on the phone was long yes but I understand they are busy. Travelocity is saying they do not see 4 reservations but only 2. They then get on the... More...
    natasharae36's Picture   natasharae36    0 Comments   Comments
  • FUSE Global Cuisine Restaurant in Naples,fl

    I live across the street from a restaurant, FUSE GLOBAL CUISINE, i've been wanting to try,finally decided to go in....I was greeted right away by a friendly hostess.I sat at the bar ,i was dining alone,and noticed how beautiful the marble stone decor and dim lit atmosphere looked...The bartender Jason,served me up a great cocktail ,and referred to me some of the chefs specials along with the regular eclectic menu...He mentioned a dish which involved mushrooms that evening,which i do not enjoy ,but convinced me to try anyway .....I loved it,I couldnt believe that i would ever love... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    bunnybail's Picture   bunnybail    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mellow Mushroom, Oxford, Alabama

    We stop at this location on our way from Greenville, SC to Cullman, AL because we are usually passing through at dinnertime. We order the pizza from the car, pick it up as take-out and continue on our way. It's always done right. But more than that, the service is outstanding. Especially on 6/11. We were greeted with a smile, given our pizza, hot and steamy promptly, offered our drink with a straw and a smile - it was an obvious team effort. And EVERYONE appeared to take their job seriously. This is a two thumbs up for this AL business in a state where I have more than not found... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Waldrep's Picture   Waldrep    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity bad customer service

    On my last trip to Houston which was booked by travelocity ,my car got flooded in the water Due to bad weather I had to return back to Los Angeles I only used the rental car for one day I tried to to contact the customer service to despite the charges But travelocity send me the following reply by e mail We have tried to reach Hertz billing dep. but we are unable t get a response from them. In your case ,your refund request will not be processed I called Hertz billing Dep. And there was no record or claim Travelocity did not contact Hertz billing I called travelocity 4 times and on my... More...
    Albertm220's Picture   Albertm220    0 Comments   Comments
  • Spirit flight 355

    Worst airline ever... I'm guessing they just tried to cutcosts and therefore cut crew, but shame on you Spirit. On my way to Fort Lauderdale from Denver, they had us board the plane, sit boarded for 45 minutes then told us they had to devised because the captain had reached his fly time and there was a miscommunication and we had no crew. Note: we were meant to leave at 11.. We did not leave until 230am... After all this, I feel like the consumer should have been compensated for their time with at lease a glass of water. Had it just been this one instance, I probably wouldn't... More...
    Katiemoom420's Picture   Katiemoom420    0 Comments   Comments
  • Siesta Beach Resort & Suites - Sarasota

    I will never stay in this hotel again! When we came to check price and availability we were shown an updated room that was right off the pool. When we came back to check in, we were given an outdated room on the second floor off the street. The staff was very unfriendly and not helpful at all! My son went and told the front desk that our window was broken and not able to be opened. Nobody ever came, when I went to check at the front desk, she told me and my son that their maintenance guy went and talked to my husband. When I checked with my husband, he said nobody ever came to check on... More...
    moocow10us's Picture   moocow10us    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Handicapped Rm, Refused Tefund

    Yesterday, my husband used, Travelocity, to book a hotel room for a mini vacation. The purpose of using their site, (in our case), is to Make Sure the hotel, Travelocity, 'Helped Us Choose' has a handicapped accessible room for me. I have multiple sclerosis & use a wheelchair. (I have vast medical issues, making a 'normal room' impossible for me.) TWO HOURS after having booked and paid for the room online thru and to, Travelocity, we arrived at our destination. When my husband went to check in, he was told the hotel had ZERO handicapped rooms available. Although... More...
  • Ramada Plaza Omaha Hotel

    Very Very Nice Room! The food was fantastic! The room was very clean and the room service was amazing! We stayed there for an entire weekend and I have no complaints what so ever! The water resort was AMAZING! It was very clean the lifeguards (Shaina) took our son and niece under there wings and made sure they had the best time possible! More...
    MarkNunez's Picture   MarkNunez    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fairmont Dallas

    Terrible stay. Over priced. Could not clean room first day and offered me at midnight a drink or a change of room. No idea on where post office was and air conditioner obviously switched off at night as room too hot. Saw some posts on this and obviously not the first and last to complain re this. Also on last night orders two teas and could not get that right. Overpriced and not worth the $$$$$ More...
  • Marriott Northwest at Galleria

    I had a great stay at this hotel last week during a business trip - their customer service was Phenomenal! The satff was very friendly and ready to help! I so appreciate excellent customer service as it seems so hard to find these days. Truly a great stay! Ps. Mr. Darr, The General Manager was very attentive and ready to help. I very much appreciated the quality service I received. More...
    Karmyn's Picture   Karmyn    0 Comments   Comments
  • mondrian miami

    This was the WORSE hotel we have ever stayed at. I sent in my 2 dresses for dry cleaning and they LOST BOTH! When we checked out they gave us the run around and did not want to take any responsibilities for it. We had to call AMEX to dispute the charges. I even showed them the receipts for my dresses since i bought them for this trip. The amount was almost the same as my hotel charges so their manager of housekeeping said they would credit me. The day I checked out I had called them 10 times from my room before i was able to get a hold of someone. They sent up the security and front desk... More...
    CATHERINECLE's Picture   CATHERINECLE    0 Comments   Comments
  • la Jolla Suites, La Jolla, CA

    Stayed at the La Jolla Suites Hotel last i had signed up to compete in the La Jolla Half Marathon this morning. Left a 4:30am wake up call with the moron gal at the front desk last night....she sounded like she was 12 years old when i made the wakeup call, so I should have set my Iphone Alarm too.....I did not.....and she failed to program the system right and I was never called...AND MISSED THE RACE! Yes, I am ultimately to blame, but the management never even apologized! Had a great view, but that was way overshadowed by the service (or lack thereof as referenced above), as... More...
    nocall1's Picture   nocall1    0 Comments   Comments
  • amaya indian cuisine, rochester, ny

    I lived in London where there are thousands of Indian restaurants, and ate at many. I feel qualified to write about Amaya Indian Cuisine here in Rochester, NY. I am a regular customer and have never had anything but exceptionally fresh, well prepared, tasty meals. The lunch menu features delicious traditional indian fare with many vegetarian dishes. There is a new offering - a Prepared lunch to go for under $5. Dinner is delicious and has many interesting menu choices, chicken, tandoor, lamb and seafood to name a few. There is a full bar and the restaurant has a delightful atmosphere and... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Doreen56's Picture   Doreen56    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint against Travelocity

    I was owed a refund for a one nights stay and the hotel I stayed in called travelocity and they refunded me $108.95. They still owe me $13.05 plus tax and REFUSE to give it to me. When I called there 5 times I was cut off each time by the out sourced representatives and they put on Managers that don't know their hat from the head, much less how to do simple Math. They are a set of thieves and YOU should NOT use them to do any sort of bookings. As it stands I am going to file a complaint against them via the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals offices. These out... More...
    mej3463's Picture   mej3463    0 Comments   Comments
  • Red's Ice House at Bohicket Marina - Seabrook Island, SC

    My husband and I recently hosted my son's rehearsal party at Red's Ice House at the Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island. With many family members coming to the Charleston area from around the U.S. for the wedding,, they were included as well as the bridal party. Lindsey, Red's event coordinator, was very knowledgeable and helped coordinate an unforgettable evening for 60 adults. I don't know of another Lowcountry location that could have met our needs any better. Lindsey offered us an upstairs room that was closed to the public during our party. Off the room was a new... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    smillerlpc's Picture   smillerlpc    0 Comments   Comments
  • DON"T USE this THIRD PARTY for booking!

    DON"T DO IT!!! I had booked a two night stay at a hotel in Williamsburg, VA for a group. Called hotel to cancel second night as our travel plans had changed. They said no problem but said I had to get the change made through Travelocity since I had used them on reservation. Travelocity claimed hotel would not authorize and said I would be charged for all rooms in hotel 2nd night anyway. I explained that was bologna and that I had already spoken with the hotel. Travelocity kept saying "they didn't seem to have information about that previous call." After... More...
    Carlena's Picture   Carlena    0 Comments   Comments

    While on vacation in Italy on March 19, 2015, I got an email from Travelocity telling me to call them re: my return flight home scheduled with Lufthansa which was scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2015. I called them back and spoke with them for over three hours (until 1:30 in the morning Italy time). It seems Lufthansa and the airlines out of Italy were on strike and they cancelled my flight from Pisa to Munich. They told me there was no way they could book me on another flight because of so-called %u201Crestrictions.%u201D They told me they could get my out on a flight with Lufthansa either... More...
    dmotts's Picture   dmotts    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Price Guarantee Does NOT WORK in ANY WAY

    Travelocity does not have humans working there! I purchased my trip there and they have a price guarantee. The very next day (24 hours did not pass), the prices on THEIR website went down, so I called them. Over the phone they said they couldn't help and I needed to fill out a form online. I was like, ok. But when I tried to do it, the form wouldn't not get submitted. It would show that there is a problem with the new $ amount. However, everything was right... I even tried different browsers and restarting my computer. It would not work. As people over the phone couldn't... More...
    klehch's Picture   klehch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity

    This is a long story , Please take the time to read it all . I have a friend, Nikki , who got ripped off by Travelocity. She was trying to get home to see her elderly and infirm father in Malta. and she saved and saved for a long time and bought her ticket from Travelocity. When she filled out the info on the Travelocity site she put in her name on her ID as instructed and paid her money, (it costs nearly 3000.00 one way, so she saved for a long time) When she got to the airport the airline told her to call Travelocity and have them change the ticket to her maiden name, as listed on her... More...
    AnnLee's Picture   AnnLee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Won't Help With Flight Itinerary Change

    On 3 Dec 14, I made a reservation from Kansas City, MO to Miami, Fl, departing on 26 April 15 and returning on 30 Apr 15. I realized later that we wanted to stay longer, so called up Travelocity on 26 Jan 15 and asked for a change in our return date from 30 Apr 15 to 2 May 15. They said they would, but it would be a $200 charge per ticket (2). I agreed, but it took more than 3 hours and several "bounces" before it was finished. That night I received an email from Travelocity confirming the change. Yesterday (8 Mar 15), I received an email from Travelocity stating my flight... More...
  • Travelocity wrong confirmation number and airline

    Booked round trip flight from Phoenix to Toronto. Confirmation number and flight given by Travelocity were for United but operated by Air Canada. Air Canada desk could not get me a boarding pass with a United confirmation number and flight number. Walked 15 minutes to United terminal to find out flight is actually Air Canada. Walked back to Air Canada desk and stood there for 5 minutes trying to find personnel to help me, the place was deserted this time. Apparently it was too late to get a boarding pass for the flight at this time, 45 minutes before the flight (no checked bags). I missed... More...
    bassetbabe24's Picture   bassetbabe24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travel from Hell

    It was supposed to be three days travel, end up being 4, fine! Costumer service beyond zero, rude and unapologetic no matter what . Wait time on phone 4-5 hrs easy, and when you finally speak with someone they do not know how to answer your question. Billed twice for same thing , had to fill out dispute with my credit card company. Awful is a very nice word for these people . STAY AWAY... and when I think I am a nice person who can talk so bad about others...with a perfect reason!!!! More...
    buzekara's Picture   buzekara    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hilton Hotel

    we are currently staying at the Hilton Curacao, it is awful the hotel is run down, we have to inform staff of the problems around and no one seems to have any answers, paint peeling off bathroom doors, stains embeded in most room surfaces, a majority of staff are helpful but are all newly employed which means they do not have any answers,not very impressed they should not be listed as 4 stars more like 2 1/2 , the grounds also need attention. in dis repair DATED PROPERTY (1970ish) even with makeshift remodeling (what professional paints a semigloss old door with out putting a primer coat oh... More...
    glennseiferh's Picture   glennseiferh    0 Comments   Comments Reviews By Product Comments

Dydy2014 says: (2 years ago)
Travelocity had over charged my credit card for $118 in May 26 14 for a carnival cruise from charleston , my ID# 64143X48403X when I was booking on the phone and looking at the same wed page with their Travelocity EXPERT agent. It was $1665.35. Unfortunately ! After the cruised , when I checked my credit card statement ,that showed $1773.35 charged.
I called, emailed, talked to Manager...all of them are end up with ; it is fine , just wait , we worked on it .... Until now , I talked to several of their representatives who were extremely rude to me. they never credit back to me and try to deceive, bully, cheat to me . Everybody plz be carefully when you book with . I am un satisfaction their service.

sfalter1 says: (2 years ago)
I have a Travelocity rewards credit card that I have used for several years with no problems until now. Something has changed over there. The ability to use points towards a flight directly from has disappeared. When I spoke to a representative at the call center, I was told that the policy had changed and now I had to go to a different web site to redeem the points AFTER the purchase was made. I told him this sounded suspicious to me and I was not happy with the new policy. He informed me that they were going through some kind of systems change. I asked him if I would be able to redeem the points immediately after purchasing the ticket online and he said "Absolutely". I was suspicious, but I did it anyway. When I went to the second web site to redeem the points, I saw "No records found" under trips that are eligible to be redeemed.

I phoned back the call center and this time I was told that I would have to wait 30 days before I could redeem my points for the flight. I raised a ruckus and was transferred up the line.

THEN, the woman who answered the phone next couldn't find any account for me and said "Is this your first Expedia reservation?" I just about blew a gasket. I said "This is a Travelocity reservation!" She said I'd been transferred to the wrong department, and said she had to transfer me to the Travelocity department. More sitting around on hold.

Now I'm sitting on hold (30 minutes so far) waiting to see what kind of resolution will be provided to me (if any), but I am already angry. While sitting on hold, I am going to file a complaint on every review web site I can find because this kind of run around and misinformation is just not acceptable. I will figure out a way to use up my points (hopefully), but I'll then cancel this credit card and take my business elsewhere. Hopefully, others will see this review and not make the same mistake I did.

jhodson says: (3 years ago)
Booked a hotel last weekend. Travelocity charged me for the room and the hotel charged me for the room. Travelocity told me they were transferring me to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for close to 40 minutes for the supervisor I am giving up. I wish it wasn't too late to cancel my plane tickets I booked with travelocity this weekend.

Nipping says: (4 years ago)
Travelocity is the Worst travel company around. Poor customer services and misleading information. Forget their price guarantee that they tout. It's good for 24 hrs but you have to fight hard to get the refund. Don't try to make changes either or it will cost you dearly.
You will find prices cheaper and better customer services elsewhere. Travelocity is the bottom of the pile.

joepsca says: (4 years ago)
After going through the screens to book a flight, the last one told be the flight cost went up (to $605). I got the identical flight 5 mins. later on CheapAir for $499.00 (Read--identical)...Travelocity low price guarantee? A joke, this is the second time this happened in 4 months. Both of my inquiries to Travelocity remain unanswered (I don't think they speak english).

oprachrstenor says: (4 years ago)
After booking the flights for my study-abroad trip to Italy, I check withe airlines a couple of weeks later to request special meals because I am celiac. I find that the first two legs of my flight have been deleted. And this begins a two-month process to fix my flights that is still not resolved. Multiple calls to Travelocity (Travel India, as stated above) have done nothing but raise blood pressure and stress. It is clear that no one in customer service documents anything as we have to start over from scratch with every call. They constantly lie to you, promising to fix the flight, emailing you a confirmation within 48 hours. It never arrives and the problem is never resolved. Asking to speak to a supervisor is a waste of time. They will not transfer you to a supervisor. They "promise" a supervisor will call you back within a given time frame. They don't if they call you at all, it is during a time you have told them you are not available. They ask you to call them back. My callback number has always been a Los Angeles number that is always busy.

Travelocity is staffed by incompetents, charlatans and liars

segemiyo says: (4 years ago)
If I had seen these reviews, i wouldn't have proceeded to do business with this bundle of fraudster! They have been holding on to my refund of $47.16 since 3 months ago. I booked a vacation package that cost about $1200 for my business partner and I to nashville and cancelled the reservation in about an hour after booking, to my amazement I was refunded part of the money and left with $47.16. The customer service keeps you on hold for ages, terminate your call atimes or leave you on fone till eternity. I am suprised this guys are still in business in this century!

ih8pop says: (4 years ago)
On April 3rd I purchased 4 tickets to Mexico. During the process, I was asked to spellk all of the names. The gentleman repeated them back correctly. Also, he said he would arrange to have my infant Son added to the itinerary. After they took my credit card info and processed the order everything changed. I was told I had to call the airline to have my Son added and they mis-spelled names on my itinerary. When I pointed this out they told me they could not fix it and I would have to cancel the order, wait 10 days for a refund and re-order. I said this was unacceptable and asked them to find another solution since it was thier mistake. They called the airline and had a note put on the names that were mis-spelled and told me that this was sufficent and I would have no problems. This was a 90 minute phone call. The next day I had a hunch to call the airline to verify and they said there was no noting at all ever made. I called back TV and they did it again after another 60 minutes on the phone. I called the airline 3 hours later to verify. The airline stated they had the note, but it does not gaurentee anyone would get on the flight. I called TV back for a third time! They feed me the same Bullshit and gave me another option of cancelling my childrens tickets only and re purchasing them directly through the airline! What balls! Another 60 minutes on the phone. At this point I asked for an entire refund! They told me OK, but said they would have to charge me a $90 service fee. Another 30 minutes and this was waived. I asked for an Email confirmation of the refund. They said it would take 10 minutes to receive. 3 hours later I do not have it. I asked how long my refund would take and got 3 different answers..... 48 hours, 5-7 days and 7-10 days! WTF! I called my bank and disputed the charges to be safe because I read on here that people have issues receiving refunds as well! Anyway, this is THE WORST service ever! They have no idea what they are doing and DO NOT honor thier guarentee whatsoever! I will never use the service again and I highly recommend to everyone NOT TO USE THEM! You'll be sorry!

Q1Q2Q1Q2 says: (7 years ago)

padavatton123 says: (7 years ago)
My name is compton Padavatton and i reservea a car from Payless car Rental,ID#590080984578,the total price for the care from Thursday 01.15.009 at 10:00pm to Monday 01.19.009 to 6:00pm is supposed to be $65.94cents CD total.This reservation was done at, i also and have been using your site very frequently to book flights. I could not get the car that night because my flight was delayed.My tripID#for the flight was 590080982655, so i called and was asked to come in.
I informed the staff at Payless that i did not need insurance,i am covered by the credit card and also personal insurance.
These people at Payless took me for a fool and padded the rental bill.My reservation promised an Altima as an upgrade instead i got an old Corolla that had 78418 on the odometer and the total price magically jumped to $113.84 CD. I questioned the bill and i was told that the car was $6.49 per day, which amounted to $25.96 CD for 4 days the difference in the total was explained as various taxes and charges, and charges by the canadian Government which made no sense, because i have rented cars in canada before, and it was pretty straight forward.
So please follow up and see if i would be refunded the extra money that i was charged.
I have full confidence and faith in travelocity and i want to continue using your site for my future travels.
Thank you.
Compton Padavatton

michelewynn says: (7 years ago)
American Airline on March 19 sent it to you Ifill I am being rip-off it was consel in time

michelewynn says: (7 years ago)
pls. send me my refund my,AA airline said they sent it to you
months ago

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