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  • Travelocity costumer service sucks!!

    I booked my hotel reservation a moth in advance. I reviewed the pictures online for the Days Inn in Gainsville Florida, the pictures were beautiful!! After driving 8 hours we pull in to the Days Inn, I had my sister relook at the address. I thought we were at the wrong place!! The place was a complete dump!! I go inside and check in.... The lady at the desk said "ooo you have pool view" I was excited after a long drive to be able to a dip into the pool!! We park walk up the stairs go to our room door, we look at the pool and it was drained and covered with black mold!! I was very... More...
    Alice2qt's Picture   Alice2qt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wyndham Grand- Downtown Pittsburgh

    Fabulous location for my business luncheon! I hosted a luncheon for 25 top clients today at this venue. The DOC went out of his way to make certain the food service and presentation of food was incredible. The Tech Support went made sure all was running smoothly AND stayed nearby in case they were needed. The waitress, Becky, waited on my staff after everyone had gone, as if we were guests of the luncheon. Not to mention- a view of the newly renovated Point State Park. All around- 5 star service! Thank you. More...
    jultonti's Picture   jultonti    0 Comments   Comments
  • not make sense to book airlane ticket this way!

    I booked 2 airplane tickets online from April 9, morning, and then went to work. I didn't see any warning note on their website that said the customer should receive a confirmation phone call from their agent after booking. Some one tried to called me couple of times, because I was working, I couldn't answer calls. During break time, I tried to call back according to the number shown on my cell, the number didn't work. Later, I checked my email, and found they have canceled my booking just because they cannot reach me immediately. But they already took my... More...
    yumeiren's Picture   yumeiren    0 Comments   Comments
  • my refund

    The customer service rep that booked my hotel was incompetent I was booked for a hotel that's 6 hours away from where I was staying in west Virginia, when I repeatedly asked to assure I was getting the right hotel! then when I called in once I was at hotel only to find out the website was wrong and this was only hotel near mountaineers which also happened to be a holiday express, the customer ser rep argued with me told me they were gonna keep my money and ther was nothing I could do about it. when I told her to get a supervisor immediately she kept talking.then I was on hold for a... More...
  • don't use travelocity!

    I booked the hotel 4-3-14 for my bf birthday they told me hotel was 2.8 mi away from mountaineers casino turns out hotel they booked me at was 6 hours away the customer service rep tried to argue with me me and when I asked for a supervisor she kept talking ... they put me on hold for like 30 mins! then the supervisor tried to do nothing until I kept insisting then finally he agreed to to refund me the money back but what he failed to say was its going to take 7 Days!!!! this is not good business and I will tell everyone and everywhere I can write a bad review I will. they take your money... More...
    nosmiles's Picture   nosmiles    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity broken policies

    We purchased a travel booking for approximately $1705.00 and Travelocity states they give 24hrs for full refund. Yet they refuse to refund $91.62. After numerous attempts they continue to state they have refunded everything. My banking institution verifies there is no record of such refund. I highly recommend everyone use a different travel company. Travelocity tells lies, does not follow their policies, and will steal from you. Be warned and careful!!! More...
  • Bad Customer Service

    On this trip to Jordan I was charged by Travelocity and then the hotel again...Is this the way to run a business ? I called and the agent was NOT able to find the reservation, however my credit card was charged. I think this a fraud. I was put on hold for 45 minutes...THIS NOT NOT ACCEPTABLE. Will I book any hotel from you again ? NO! NO! I am still waiting for Customer Service supervisor to call back and it has been 72 hours More...
    eshamdas's Picture   eshamdas    0 Comments   Comments
  • hotel cancellation from Super 8.

    i cancelled a reservation in Nov. of 2013 and as of yet have not got my deposit back of 144.24. I keep getting a run around even though I have a statement from my bank account proving Travelocity deducted this amount from my acc. They tell me they show no record of the payment. and I have ask for a fax # to send the copy but they will put me on hold then eventually hang up. They once told me to sent an e-mail of the cancellation , which I did and they still will not confirm that they have received it.when I call them I will never use nor recommend Travelocity ever... More...
  • 640667320706

    What a nigh mare, it was supposed to be a good night on the town. But let me tell you! Good it was not after Travelocity got involved. At dinner I decided to make hotel Reservations at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarters 660 K St Downtown San Diego Ca, But my Reservations were made at the Courtyard Marriott 530 Broadway downtown San Diego Ca. So I arrive at Gaslamp Quarters 660 K, no Reservations. Ok, easy mistake for someone to make because the hotel are very close to each other. Now my plan was to just call Travelocity cancel my the first Reservation while I sit in the hotel lobby. Once I... More...
  • NightMare

    What a nigh mare, it was supposed to be a good night on the town. But let me tell you! Good it was not after Travelocity got involved. At dinner I decided to make hotel Reservations at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarters 660 K St Downtown San Diego Ca, But my Reservations were made at the Courtyard Marriott 530 Broadway downtown San Diego Ca. So I arrive at Gaslamp Quarters 660 K, no Reservations. Ok, easy mistake for someone to make because the hotel are very close to each other. Now my plan was to just call Travelocity cancel my the first Reservation while I sit in the hotel lobby. Once I... More...
    topher's Picture   topher    0 Comments   Comments

  • Misleading travel insurance

    One would think that by purchasing travel insurance means that you can easily cancel and receive a refund. After having booked a flight through Travelocity and purchasing the insurance I learned that this is not the case. You have to contact the insurance company, complete a claim and if approved, you will get a debit card, not a refund on your original form of payment. The approval process required me to ask my aunt to go to my uncle's doctor so he could complete a questionnaire regarding the nature of his diagnosis. Considering what she is going through, I was too embarrassed to do... More...
  • Travel insurance is useless

    One would think that by purchasing travel insurance means that you can easily cancel and receive a refund. After having booked a flight through Travelocity and purchasing the insurance I learned that this is not the case. You have to contact the insurance company, complete a claim and if approved, you will get a debit card, not a refund on your original form of payment. The approval process required me to ask my aunt to go to my uncle's doctor so he could complete a questionnaire regarding the nature of his diagnosis. Considering what she is going through, I was too embarrassed to do... More...
    Cathydnh's Picture   Cathydnh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity will steal your money and waste your time!

    My wife and I booked a hotel through them in December. Less than 24 hours later we found out a family member had already booked one for us as a gift so I called to cancel. The outsourced Indian guy on the phone said no problem, refund would be done and they would send an email. It's been 7 weeks and still no refund. So I called and that outsourced Indian guy on the phone told me he saw where a refund should have been done but it wasn't so I needed to call back in 24-48 hours. I guess to ramrod them into doing their job? I called back today, exactly 52 hours later and that... More...
    Flowers2130's Picture   Flowers2130    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hotel booking error

    Booked a trip through Travelocity for two nights stay at an AmericInn in Dickinson ND. Received my email confirmation. Everything was correct in email and it even says no need to call to confirm this reservation. Got there and my rooms were cancelled because I was a no show. They had me arriving the day before. Said it was a Travelocity issue and not their problem. Only had one room available for two booked but they might be have one more. After a 7 hour hour drive and 6 hours of working we were ready for our rooms and it was only 5:30 pm so we were not a late check-in. An hour later we had... More...
    Painting11's Picture   Painting11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Guarantee.

    Never use Travelocity, we recently booked fight and hotel for a weekend in NYC. To make a long story short, our flight was cancelled by United (weather). We bought trip insurance and after hours on the phone' emails and faxes, we still haven't got a refund nearly a month later. As if that wasn't bad enough' when we booked this trip our friends booked the exact same trip with Expedia, they were refunded the same morning the trip was cancelled. Hard to believe but true' I'm sure we'll get our money back but it's just çrazy to have to go... More...
    Benzm's Picture   Benzm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Price Guarantee waste of time

    Found a cheaper flight, invoked the guarantee. Was sent an email telling me to call customer service. Agent had no idea of my issue, was on the phone for 20 minutes, said he give me to supervisor, then hung up. Called again, new agent had no record of my previous call. 15 minutes later she sent me to supervisor. 10 minutes with supervisor (what are they doing in this time??) and he told me it was not the EXACT same flight so wasn't guaranteed. Why could they not tell me this in the very beginning and save my cell phone minutes? Why not present this info in readily available... More...
    jjj1000's Picture   jjj1000    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity hidden fees and not honoring promotion

    I booked a trip to huntsville alabama a few months ago. I entered a promotion for a rental car for one free weekend day. It was honored when I checked out but not when I paid. I emailed travelocity regarding this issue and they took over a month to get back and all they said was they could not find a promotion. I went the extra mile to attach all documentation I had for this purchase and promotion and it still was not honored. I also booked a flight through travelocity which charged my X amount of dollars. My credit card statement said $15 travelocity charge. On review of my purchase... More...
    kildow06's Picture   kildow06    0 Comments   Comments
  • Costumer Service

    I feel really upset after having some bad experiences with this company. Rigth now i have completed 1hour waiting for any costumer service representative to receive my call. They do no care about any costumer, not even after purchasing with them.I even had time to write this review. I had booked a flight that suddenly was rescheduled without my consent and that's the reason I have to call. If you have the chance buy with another company there are much better services with them. In fact I am planning not to use them any more for my trips. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!! More...
    EDWCAM's Picture   EDWCAM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service level

    This was my first time dealing with to book my plane tickets. Will NEVER do that again. They always put you on hold for long periods of time, the operators don't seem to have answers to your questions, they charged my credit card "by mistake" and I've been fighting over two months to get my money back. Awful service. Very frustrating and dissappointing. More...
    Talyanna's Picture   Talyanna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mom has Cancer and Travelocity wont help

    My mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer so I am trying to get a refund for a cancelled flight and a bereavement discount for my next trip. So I asked to speak with a supervisor I was put on hold 20 minutes later rep cam back and said supervisor was still on phone. I informed him this was my second attempt to get a supervisor first time got put on hold and then back into queue. So no help or compation never using for business or pleasure Your Travelocity Trip ID is: 1330 0584 7635 More...
    gerrydog65's Picture   gerrydog65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service

    I called Travelocity while I was booking my reservation online because I wanted to see about later check outs. I spoke with a man named "Gary" and requested 3 times to be transferred to someone I could understand. He declined and when he quoted me a price it was $10 more than what I had online. He told me if I was a AAA member he could do that price, which I'm not and I told him that yet I could still get a better deal online. I told him I didn't understand and he continued to repeat himself about being a AAA member until I was so annoyed, still not able to fully... More...
    Malgal78's Picture   Malgal78    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unethical!!

    Friday, November 8th, I went online to book a hotel in Ecuador (through Travelocity) for three nights. The transaction was DECLINED. I then called Travelocity to make the reservation in person. That was successful. One of your agents called me later that Friday and said she found a duplicate online booking. So I had two identical bookings now. She said she would call me back to confirm that one of the bookings was to be canceled. I received no phone call. Today, Monday Nov. 11th I called Travelocity to make sure one of the bookings was canceled. The agent told me that both bookings were... More...
    mstewart321's Picture   mstewart321    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Guarantee

    In May, 2013 I bought a vacation package from travelocity, which included airfare, hotel and rental car. My vacation was in August 2013 at Kona, Hawaii. I also bought the insurance, because it covered trip interruption and / or delay. The long awaited day arrived, my flight was leaving at 8:30 am, but it turns out that the plane was delayed so I was going to lose the connection, so the airline accommodated us on another flight at 4:00 pm. Again the flight was delayed, we had to rearrange on another flight; until 10:00 pm that night we arrived at Maui, Hawaii, when our original schedule... More...
    barka6's Picture   barka6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Phone Reservations

    I went online to make an exact reservation as our friends. I called to ask if I can use a AAA discount and the man said "I can get you a better deal than you can online." I knew the exact times/flight numbers/airport codes and hotel information. Because he (SAM) had such a strong accent I spelled out everything. Told him I was flying out of CVG to Las Vegas and staying at Paris. He repeated "you are flying out of Paris CVG". I said no ... I am in Cincinnati flying out of CVG. We review all the travel details twice and then I get a confirmation email while I am still on... More...
  • Travelocity - will not admit they made and error and refund me

    I used (the Canadian affiliate) to recently book a single night for a hotel in the Philadelphia area. To save some money I used the Secret Hotels approach since the location was not too important so long as the venue was 3 stars or better. Everything was going well until I received my confirmation and my 3-star hotel magically converted into a 2-star hotel. After repeated attempts to get my credit card refunded as a result of this fraud/error and a promise for a Travelocity rep (not one of the original India-based moronic support personal) I am still left with a charge on... More...
    Batavian's Picture   Batavian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bermuda

    8629 Country View Lane Hopewell, VA 23860 Ph (804)541-0077 E-mail: Dear Travelocity, I recently booked a trip through Travelocity from, August 2, 2013 to August 6, 2013, from Richmond VA to Bermuda. The ID # is 632070977298. The flight booked through Delta was good, but the hotel accommodations were horrible. I confirmed two queen size beds in a room. There were two twin size beds pushed together. The beds did not have two mattress pads, but one mattress pad used to cover the bottom half of the two beds pushed together. One of the... More...
  • Lied Lodge Restaurant

    Poor selection and high price! Pitiful excuse for a salad bar - just a bowl of greens and a few vegetables - only 3 dressing choices. Buffet is less than desireable with the food being barely warm. Frozen mixed vegetables tasted like a tv dinner. Very mediocre food. We love the Lodge, but will eat elsewhere from now on. On a Saturday night, there were only 2 tables with people - that should tell you something. Lower the price from $24.95 to $16.95 with your current selection. If this is upscale dining, I'll go back to Golden Corral...... More...
    jenks56's Picture   jenks56    0 Comments   Comments
  • travelocity sucks!!!!

    these guys absolutely suck!!! i made reservations to a hotel and received the email confirmation and everything. so i started my trip and drove for 2 1/2 hours. i then arrived at the hotel at 9:30 p.m. and went to check in. i was then told by the hotel staff that my reservation was cancelled by travelocity at 4:30 p.m. i then called them and asked them whats going on with my reservation? then said that it was cancelled by their fraud protection department. i was like what for? and they replied that my bank wouldnt give them my info, but they already took the money out of my bank. i then... More...
    teeruss1's Picture   teeruss1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Rip-off

    I booked a trip through Travelocity and was charged $40 more than the rate on-screen -- $20 higher nightly rate, plus a $20 fee for extra guests I did not have. Despite their supposed "price guarantee" and the fact there is no basis to charge the extra fee, I was sent through four different people all of whom said, "too bad - nothing we can do". From now on, I will go directly through the hotel front desk where there is some accountability. More...
    bowchick's Picture   bowchick    0 Comments   Comments
  • the company is all lies and there service for vacations are the complete worst

    Travelocity is the worst travel site I have ever heard of. I have tried to use them for the first time today and it will sure as hell be my last. there customer service is atrocious, and all they do is lie. the women ran a non authorized amount through my card and then put me on hold and never come back even after 2 hours of waiting. I've talked to a total of 6 people and they are all the same. no one can give you an answer about anything and they all leave you on hold or hang up, they charged me twice for my vacation and told me they would not refund me. then after four hours of... More...
    nicoletot's Picture   nicoletot    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booking Misleading/Poor customer service

    I booked a top secret deal with your copany, and during the process indicated that I had 1 adult and 2 children (there was NO SPACE indicationg the number of beds I needed) Upon arrival to the motel we were assigned a room with one king bed, which obviusly does NOT acoomodate 1 adult 2 children. When I went to the front office I was told I would have to take it up with travelocity as they do the booking of beds. They also charged me an addtional fee for 2 beds which made your GOOD DEAL NOT SO GOOD. I called Travelocoty customer support and was connected with obviously customer support NOT... More...

    Travelocity advertises TOP SECRET super deals for motel accomodations. Looking at the rates it is evident they are competitive with other discount websites. HOWEVER if you have accomodations for OVER 1 PERSON it is not the case. They WILL NOT take into consideration the NUMBER OF PEOPLE they had you register for...they will book any number of beds that is cheapest and you will show up to the motel and not have enough beds and be stuck with the ADDITIONAL CHARGES. I wrote down that I had 2 children and 1 adult to accomodate and they booked me a king bed. When I went to talk to the office... More...
    danrsorensen's Picture   danrsorensen    0 Comments   Comments
  • problem getting connecting flights

    I started booking a trip for my parents in March 2013 to Europe to leave on August 29, 2013. It is now July 25 and we still do not have any tickets. First, they could not confirm flights for whatever reasons, then they booked overlapping flights. Now they want my parents to change dates of arrival because they cannot find connecting flights. I have send so many messages to try to inquire about the trip but was always told to be patient. Why wait so long to book flights??? No need to say I am very upset about the service and I will never deal with this company again. I really thought... More...
    raslebol's Picture   raslebol    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travel Arrangment- Poor Customer Service

    We went to travelocity to book airline and hotel reservation and below is the HORRIBLE experinece we had .. DO NOT USE THEM!!! - We called in and the agent- gave us the wrong rate as she quoted the wrong room - Then she corrected the rate and then quoted one amount on the phone and then emailed another amount as to what was going to be charged- of course more -Then we called to complain about that.. after about 2.5 hours we spoke to someone and he assured me that the enter amount would be credited to our credit card- His name was Robin and emp id is AR4-if that means anything . As he was... More...
    shah's Picture   shah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travel Reservation and Cancellation

    We were trying to book hotel and airline reservation for four of our employees below is a recount of our experinece - We called in and the agent- gave us the wrong rate as she quoted the wrong room - Then she corrected the rate and then quoted one amount on the phone and then emailed another amount as to what was going to be charged- of course more -Then we called to complain about that.. after about 2.5 hours we spoke to someone and he assured me that the enter amount would be credited to our credit card- His name was Robin and emp id is AR4-if that means anything . As he was on the phone... More...
    shah's Picture   shah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Guaranteed Cancellation Policy Not Honored

    Don't book through Travelocity. I booked the Wyndham Niagra Falls Hotel through Travelocity for a 7-19-13 one-night stay. On the website in no less than 4 places on the Wyndham page prior to booking it states: "worry-free guaranteed cancellation." On 7-17-13 I called Travelocity to cancel the reservation. When I gave my travel ID number, I was informed by recording that unfortunately hotel has a no refund policy. I spoke with an Indian customer service person who said he would call the hotel and put me on hold. He said no refund. I asked how can you advertise... More...
    Juli5077's Picture   Juli5077    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service especially customer care service that I have experienced

    This is regarding the worst ever experience I have with travelocity. I tried to book a ticket with split credit card method to make sure I can do the booking for my family, to realize after two days that they dont do the split method. How did they even accepted my credit card information? now I tried to resolve the matter, I was on the phone for 3 hrs with them to get the answer that I AM LYING by saying that I used two credit cards to make the reservation...!!! NOW after being understood the fact that they did use my two credit card information, they tried to book the tickekts by calling... More...
  • Charged when no flight available

    I had tried to book a flight for my daughter online. My debit card was immediately charged, but I never received a confirmation email. I then called Travelocity, and they said there were no flights available. I asked why they charged my card if there was no flight, and they said it was policy. Travelocity informed me the charge would be removed in 24 hours. I called today (27 hours after incident), and they said it could be 48 hours. Each time I called, they tried to book a different, more expensive flight. I stated I booked with an airline, and just wanted my money back. I have a... More...
    llb1412's Picture   llb1412    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Charged for no Available Flight

    I tried to book a flight for my daughter online. My debit card was immediately charged, but I never received a confirmation email. I then called Travelocity to ask about the fight. The customer service agent stated there were no fights available, and wanted me to try to book another flight. I stated that my debit card was charged, and I wanted that refunded. They said it would be removed within 24 hours. I called again today(27 hours after transaction), and they said it would be within 48 hours. Travelocity should not be charging for unavailable flights. I will continue to call... More...
    llb1412's Picture   llb1412    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Breakfast Experience at the Best Western Arrowhead Lodge

    My experience at the breakfast room was horrible. After being told breakfast was until 9:30am, the staff started clearing the food away at 9:25 and arguing with me and multiple customers about what time it actually was. They were literally taking the food off the breakfast bar as people were still getting their food from it. They were not willing to bring any of the food out upon request even though it was still not 9:30. When the manager was told, he did not handle it well either. Attitude: Horrible Service: Horrible. Handling of issue with customer: Horrible. Will not stay here again. More...
    Wskinner's Picture   Wskinner    0 Comments   Comments Reviews By Product Comments

sfalter1 says: (2 months ago)
I have a Travelocity rewards credit card that I have used for several years with no problems until now. Something has changed over there. The ability to use points towards a flight directly from has disappeared. When I spoke to a representative at the call center, I was told that the policy had changed and now I had to go to a different web site to redeem the points AFTER the purchase was made. I told him this sounded suspicious to me and I was not happy with the new policy. He informed me that they were going through some kind of systems change. I asked him if I would be able to redeem the points immediately after purchasing the ticket online and he said "Absolutely". I was suspicious, but I did it anyway. When I went to the second web site to redeem the points, I saw "No records found" under trips that are eligible to be redeemed.

I phoned back the call center and this time I was told that I would have to wait 30 days before I could redeem my points for the flight. I raised a ruckus and was transferred up the line.

THEN, the woman who answered the phone next couldn't find any account for me and said "Is this your first Expedia reservation?" I just about blew a gasket. I said "This is a Travelocity reservation!" She said I'd been transferred to the wrong department, and said she had to transfer me to the Travelocity department. More sitting around on hold.

Now I'm sitting on hold (30 minutes so far) waiting to see what kind of resolution will be provided to me (if any), but I am already angry. While sitting on hold, I am going to file a complaint on every review web site I can find because this kind of run around and misinformation is just not acceptable. I will figure out a way to use up my points (hopefully), but I'll then cancel this credit card and take my business elsewhere. Hopefully, others will see this review and not make the same mistake I did.

jhodson says: (1 year ago)
Booked a hotel last weekend. Travelocity charged me for the room and the hotel charged me for the room. Travelocity told me they were transferring me to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for close to 40 minutes for the supervisor I am giving up. I wish it wasn't too late to cancel my plane tickets I booked with travelocity this weekend.

Nipping says: (2 years ago)
Travelocity is the Worst travel company around. Poor customer services and misleading information. Forget their price guarantee that they tout. It's good for 24 hrs but you have to fight hard to get the refund. Don't try to make changes either or it will cost you dearly.
You will find prices cheaper and better customer services elsewhere. Travelocity is the bottom of the pile.

joepsca says: (2 years ago)
After going through the screens to book a flight, the last one told be the flight cost went up (to $605). I got the identical flight 5 mins. later on CheapAir for $499.00 (Read--identical)...Travelocity low price guarantee? A joke, this is the second time this happened in 4 months. Both of my inquiries to Travelocity remain unanswered (I don't think they speak english).

oprachrstenor says: (2 years ago)
After booking the flights for my study-abroad trip to Italy, I check withe airlines a couple of weeks later to request special meals because I am celiac. I find that the first two legs of my flight have been deleted. And this begins a two-month process to fix my flights that is still not resolved. Multiple calls to Travelocity (Travel India, as stated above) have done nothing but raise blood pressure and stress. It is clear that no one in customer service documents anything as we have to start over from scratch with every call. They constantly lie to you, promising to fix the flight, emailing you a confirmation within 48 hours. It never arrives and the problem is never resolved. Asking to speak to a supervisor is a waste of time. They will not transfer you to a supervisor. They "promise" a supervisor will call you back within a given time frame. They don't if they call you at all, it is during a time you have told them you are not available. They ask you to call them back. My callback number has always been a Los Angeles number that is always busy.

Travelocity is staffed by incompetents, charlatans and liars

segemiyo says: (2 years ago)
If I had seen these reviews, i wouldn't have proceeded to do business with this bundle of fraudster! They have been holding on to my refund of $47.16 since 3 months ago. I booked a vacation package that cost about $1200 for my business partner and I to nashville and cancelled the reservation in about an hour after booking, to my amazement I was refunded part of the money and left with $47.16. The customer service keeps you on hold for ages, terminate your call atimes or leave you on fone till eternity. I am suprised this guys are still in business in this century!

ih8pop says: (2 years ago)
On April 3rd I purchased 4 tickets to Mexico. During the process, I was asked to spellk all of the names. The gentleman repeated them back correctly. Also, he said he would arrange to have my infant Son added to the itinerary. After they took my credit card info and processed the order everything changed. I was told I had to call the airline to have my Son added and they mis-spelled names on my itinerary. When I pointed this out they told me they could not fix it and I would have to cancel the order, wait 10 days for a refund and re-order. I said this was unacceptable and asked them to find another solution since it was thier mistake. They called the airline and had a note put on the names that were mis-spelled and told me that this was sufficent and I would have no problems. This was a 90 minute phone call. The next day I had a hunch to call the airline to verify and they said there was no noting at all ever made. I called back TV and they did it again after another 60 minutes on the phone. I called the airline 3 hours later to verify. The airline stated they had the note, but it does not gaurentee anyone would get on the flight. I called TV back for a third time! They feed me the same Bullshit and gave me another option of cancelling my childrens tickets only and re purchasing them directly through the airline! What balls! Another 60 minutes on the phone. At this point I asked for an entire refund! They told me OK, but said they would have to charge me a $90 service fee. Another 30 minutes and this was waived. I asked for an Email confirmation of the refund. They said it would take 10 minutes to receive. 3 hours later I do not have it. I asked how long my refund would take and got 3 different answers..... 48 hours, 5-7 days and 7-10 days! WTF! I called my bank and disputed the charges to be safe because I read on here that people have issues receiving refunds as well! Anyway, this is THE WORST service ever! They have no idea what they are doing and DO NOT honor thier guarentee whatsoever! I will never use the service again and I highly recommend to everyone NOT TO USE THEM! You'll be sorry!

Q1Q2Q1Q2 says: (5 years ago)

padavatton123 says: (5 years ago)
My name is compton Padavatton and i reservea a car from Payless car Rental,ID#590080984578,the total price for the care from Thursday 01.15.009 at 10:00pm to Monday 01.19.009 to 6:00pm is supposed to be $65.94cents CD total.This reservation was done at, i also and have been using your site very frequently to book flights. I could not get the car that night because my flight was delayed.My tripID#for the flight was 590080982655, so i called and was asked to come in.
I informed the staff at Payless that i did not need insurance,i am covered by the credit card and also personal insurance.
These people at Payless took me for a fool and padded the rental bill.My reservation promised an Altima as an upgrade instead i got an old Corolla that had 78418 on the odometer and the total price magically jumped to $113.84 CD. I questioned the bill and i was told that the car was $6.49 per day, which amounted to $25.96 CD for 4 days the difference in the total was explained as various taxes and charges, and charges by the canadian Government which made no sense, because i have rented cars in canada before, and it was pretty straight forward.
So please follow up and see if i would be refunded the extra money that i was charged.
I have full confidence and faith in travelocity and i want to continue using your site for my future travels.
Thank you.
Compton Padavatton

michelewynn says: (5 years ago)
American Airline on March 19 sent it to you Ifill I am being rip-off it was consel in time

michelewynn says: (5 years ago)
pls. send me my refund my,AA airline said they sent it to you
months ago

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