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  • Liars to get a sell

    Your company ruined my vacation!! Horrible customer service.. It took almost 3.5 hours of trying to explain my case..not including getting hung up on..From booking a flight to promising that my dog is taken care of, to seating issues-splitting my family up is onething-but to put my child in a seat far away from her parents is ridiculous to me, 3. Booking me 45 min away from theme now I have to pay additional money to get back & forth from the theme park-which is 50.00 oneway!! But the shit that really pissed me off the most is when we were talking to travelocity they tried to... More...
  • No Handicapped Rm, Refused Tefund

    Yesterday, my husband used, Travelocity, to book a hotel room for a mini vacation. The purpose of using their site, (in our case), is to Make Sure the hotel, Travelocity, 'Helped Us Choose' has a handicapped accessible room for me. I have multiple sclerosis & use a wheelchair. (I have vast medical issues, making a 'normal room' impossible for me.) TWO HOURS after having booked and paid for the room online thru and to, Travelocity, we arrived at our destination. When my husband went to check in, he was told the hotel had ZERO handicapped rooms available. Although... More...
  • Travelocity Won't Help With Flight Itinerary Change

    On 3 Dec 14, I made a reservation from Kansas City, MO to Miami, Fl, departing on 26 April 15 and returning on 30 Apr 15. I realized later that we wanted to stay longer, so called up Travelocity on 26 Jan 15 and asked for a change in our return date from 30 Apr 15 to 2 May 15. They said they would, but it would be a $200 charge per ticket (2). I agreed, but it took more than 3 hours and several "bounces" before it was finished. That night I received an email from Travelocity confirming the change. Yesterday (8 Mar 15), I received an email from Travelocity stating my flight... More...
  • Phishing Scam by Expedia

    I received a phone call at the hotel phone at my hotel room at 7:20 AM,and the man on the other end of the line first stated that he was the hotel manager. He addressed me by my name, and then claimed that Expedia's computer system crashed and if I only had a few minutes. I cut him off then and there, but he still kept talking. He never got to finish what he wanted from me, because I hung up the phone. I went to the front desk, and the female hotel manager stated that this was unfortunately not the first time this has happened. She call Expedia, but I did not hear anything else.... More...
  • Waste of time and money

    I was on phone with your agent for 2 hours trying to schedule a group vacation. He quoted us a price of $1091.40/person, then it changed to $1137, then $1161. Once we finally argued and agreed, the agent was in process of booking flight and hotel, 2 rooms were scheduled and the price jumped to $1791. We cancelled. The agent sent us to the cancellation dept where we were on hild for another hour. We ancelled the 2 rooms but I won't get my money ack for 2 weeks! How am I supposed to schedule my vacation??? Worst process ever! I will never use Travelocity again and everyone I know will... More...
  • Misleading

    I Travelocity says they guarantee the the lowest price for a hotel room. If you find a lower price they will refund the difference and give you a $50 coupon for a future booking. I submitted 3 such with only 2 refunds and one coupon given Same issues as others have said. Horrible customer service. On hold up to an hour then hung up on More...
  • billing issue

    I canceled a reservation and used that credit towards another flight. I was told that I will be charged total $309.00. But on my credit card statement, it shows that I was charged $309+$40=$349.00! I talked to a lot of representatives and they all tell me that I should have been charged $309.00 and when I asked about the charge on my card, they all say that I was wrong?! I finally get a person to tell me to send the bank statement to, and I did, and the person Marc T Travelocity Customer Care [---001:000867:17280---] only responded me with a break... More...
  • Providenciales Aug 2, 2014 - Aug 8, 2014 Itinerary #16189446040

    I booked a rather expensive family trip through travelocity. I processed an order for a family resort, it didn't go through and I was routed to another resort with an EXTREMELY similar name. It was ultimately my fault but I looked to Travelocity to help me resolve. Once we got to the island and I realized we were at a couple resort vs. a family resort, I reached out to Travelocity. I explained the situation, waited for a 1/2 hour, call dropped, no call back from Travelocity. This occurred about 4 times, starting from scratch each time. After the 2-3 hour ordeal, Travelocity did... More...
  • my refund

    The customer service rep that booked my hotel was incompetent I was booked for a hotel that's 6 hours away from where I was staying in west Virginia, when I repeatedly asked to assure I was getting the right hotel! then when I called in once I was at hotel only to find out the website was wrong and this was only hotel near mountaineers which also happened to be a holiday express, the customer ser rep argued with me told me they were gonna keep my money and ther was nothing I could do about it. when I told her to get a supervisor immediately she kept talking.then I was on hold for a... More...
  • 640667320706

    What a nigh mare, it was supposed to be a good night on the town. But let me tell you! Good it was not after Travelocity got involved. At dinner I decided to make hotel Reservations at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarters 660 K St Downtown San Diego Ca, But my Reservations were made at the Courtyard Marriott 530 Broadway downtown San Diego Ca. So I arrive at Gaslamp Quarters 660 K, no Reservations. Ok, easy mistake for someone to make because the hotel are very close to each other. Now my plan was to just call Travelocity cancel my the first Reservation while I sit in the hotel lobby. Once I... More...
  • Misleading travel insurance

    One would think that by purchasing travel insurance means that you can easily cancel and receive a refund. After having booked a flight through Travelocity and purchasing the insurance I learned that this is not the case. You have to contact the insurance company, complete a claim and if approved, you will get a debit card, not a refund on your original form of payment. The approval process required me to ask my aunt to go to my uncle's doctor so he could complete a questionnaire regarding the nature of his diagnosis. Considering what she is going through, I was too embarrassed to do... More...
  • Bermuda

    8629 Country View Lane Hopewell, VA 23860 Ph (804)541-0077 E-mail: Dear Travelocity, I recently booked a trip through Travelocity from, August 2, 2013 to August 6, 2013, from Richmond VA to Bermuda. The ID # is 632070977298. The flight booked through Delta was good, but the hotel accommodations were horrible. I confirmed two queen size beds in a room. There were two twin size beds pushed together. The beds did not have two mattress pads, but one mattress pad used to cover the bottom half of the two beds pushed together. One of the... More...
  • Booking Misleading/Poor customer service

    I booked a top secret deal with your copany, and during the process indicated that I had 1 adult and 2 children (there was NO SPACE indicationg the number of beds I needed) Upon arrival to the motel we were assigned a room with one king bed, which obviusly does NOT acoomodate 1 adult 2 children. When I went to the front office I was told I would have to take it up with travelocity as they do the booking of beds. They also charged me an addtional fee for 2 beds which made your GOOD DEAL NOT SO GOOD. I called Travelocoty customer support and was connected with obviously customer support NOT... More...
  • Travelocity trip ID 431216971592

    I am a long time travelocity customer, although not a frequent one. On May 2nd I booked a hotel for 2 rooms 4 nights in Alameda, CA. I also booked a car with the same reservation. 4 days later I get an email that the reservation has been canceled without any reasons. On calling the hotline I received an explanation that they could not verify my credit card. This explanation does not wash because 1) this credit card has been used before with Travelocity b) car reservation was not cancelled c) my on-line bank statement indicates that the amount has already been charged. It took me a long... More...
  • 1234

    Yesterday, May 1, 2013, I was making hotel arrangements for one of our employees for the Chicago Windpower Expo 2013. Unfortunately, I called three hotels and they didn’t have any rooms available. I access the Sheraton Chicago Hotel website and right under the picture they have phone number 1-888-614-1750 for reservations. I called that number but a rep from Travelocity answered (the phone number is NOT for the Sheraton reservations but for Travelocity). He told me that they still have few rooms available and gave me the rate of $1,011.91 for May 5, 6, 7. I asked him what was the... More...
  • Explotation of Manager

    Trip ID: 2307-0627-5493 I have Reserved a flight with insurance to fly on 29th march 2013 and unfortunately i was unable to travel a 10 hours flight with sickness and i decided to call travelocity agent and cancel that ticket further on my request my call was forwardd to a supervisor and after have a conversation i asked him to cancel the ticket and give me the confirmation number for cancelation number but he end up saying that the trip is been cancelled and ther is no cancellation number as i can use confirmation number to rebook the ticket for credited amount also he informed me that i... More...

    I purchased a ticket at Travelocity last Sunday. I spoke to the Agent Kevin/India and gave me all false information just to close the sale. He said that there will be a complimentary breakfast if I pay thru my AMEX. He said, I will receive the confirmation thru email. I believed him since he confirmed that i will receive the email within 24 hrs. I called customer service to follow up the breakfast they said i had to call amex, and when i called amex, they said they do not have a tie up with travelocity. I called again customer service to demand for the recording to be... More...
  • Hotel reservation

    I booked a hotel in Ocean Springs, MS for my family of 2 adults and 2 children. I specifically put in 4 people and 2 double beds. However, my reservation was for a king size bed. I called the hotel who referred me to Travelocity. After 4 phone calls and over 1 hour on hold, I was told I would have to arrange with the hotel and pay a $20.00 fee. This mistake was made by Travelocity. I should not have to pay this fee. I have confirmation on my reservation that it was for 4 people. The last time I checked 4 people could not fit on a King size bed! More...
  • Website Error on Return Date

    My daughter booked a flight with a return date of 06/07/12 from LaGuardia to Buffalo on her mobile phone. The website registered it as 07/05/12 and she didn't catch it until she picked up her tickets on 06/04/12. She's trying to get Travelocity to correct the return date but they are insistent on her paying a $180 charge to change the flight while they "sort it out" and then they'll "reimburse" her if they find it's there fault which we know will never happen. Meanwhile, she doesn't have an extra $180 to spend to fix this. I've called... More...
  • website layout misleading

    I am deeply disappointed in Travelocity. I had a "flight only" booked and the website offer some hotel options but there was a link to continue with the "flight Only." I figured I would check out the hotel options and there was a link that allowed me to see some more hotel options so I used it. Then I decided to just book the flight only, but discover that the link was now gone! Travelocity should not mislead customers in this way. I went on to book my flight somewhere else. The response I got from Travelocity has been completely unacceptable. Many of the... More...
  • refund

    We booked a room thru travelocity but when we arrived, the hotel said it was overbooked. We called travelocity no less than 4 times while sitting in the parking lot. They kept us on hold longer than 20 minutes each time and then told us we had to go to another, not comparable, hotel. They took the money out for the the first hotel & then we had to pay for the second hotel. It's been two weeks and we still haven't gotten a refund. They keep transferring our calls to "wct" who is their partner. Wct either doesn't answer the phone, or if they do, they pretend... More...
  • poor service

  • Failure to Notify Change of Flight Itinerary

    I booked a ticket for a flight with Frontier airlines through Travelocity to make a very important meeting that afternoon. Frontier had to change my flight to an earlier time and notified Travelocity, but Travelocity neglected to notify me, causing me to arrive at my flight late and miss it. I called Travelocity multiple times to get them to help me fix this but they kept blaming it on Frontier. It wasn't until I had gotten a same-day flight worked out on my own that Travelocity admitted they were wrong in neglecting to notify me of my changed flight, but since I figured out a way... More...
  • Bad service and more!

    I have booked though Travelocity before without issues but after this last incredibly bad experience, I WILL NEVER book though your company again. I called to book a flight, hotel and car with your company only to have the my name and my travel companion's name misspelled TWICE and on the third attempt to book, I was not even listed as a traveler. I was never sent the correct itinerary, and had to call the hotel and car company to fix the misspelling of our names myself even though one of your agents put me on hold and claimed to call them to fix the errors. NO CALL WAS MADE to... More...
  • Horrible exprience

    This was potentially the WORST experience possible, and I have not only a 0% chance of recommending Travelocity, but a 100% chance of recommending people DON'T use it. Here's my story: I booked a flight with a great promotional rate ($350 to spain on SpanAir, flight operated by US Airways) around 2PM on Thursday, 6/16. Within 10 minutes, I realized I had one letter misspelled in the first name of a passenger. I quickly called Travelocity, they were pretty clueless, told me I could rebook the flight with the right name and they'd cancel this one. I mentioned that this is a... More...
  • flight time has been changed

    I booked a flight ticket for 29th June from Singapore to Tianjin on 7th May 2010. The flight will be changed in Xiamen and stop there 3hours and 55 minutes, and the details was shown me in the comfirmation e-mail. However, on 13th June 2010, i received an e-mail from travelocity costom serves, told me that my flight time has been changed, I will have to stay in Xiamen 14 hours and 55 miuntes, next day to fly to Tianjin. after i received the e-mail i started to wrote letters, reply e-mails, made international calls to US that cost me over 20s$ again, but i have been told by the assistant... More...
  • Cancellation Fees

    booked a reservation through Travelocity at the Holiday Inn Express Suites, Amarillo, Texas about two months in advance. Yesterday I found out that I would not be able to use this reservation after all. I called Travelocity and spoke with someone who sounded as if they were in a foreign country and spoke with a very, very heavy accent. When I tried to cancel, they told me that all three nights that had been prepaid would be forfeited ($317), even thought the reservation isn't until 3 weeks from now. When I asked to speak to a supervisor this person would not let me do so. They... More...
  • What the hell is going on>

    I picked up my emails... 4 hours before departing from Sydney to the Uk by Malaysia Airlines (to attend my Mother's funeral) booking reference 791012194532. Amongst the emails was a notice from Travelocity (now nicknamed Attrocity!) saying that my reservation was cancelled due to 'non validation'. Assuming that non validation meant that the transfer of funds from a flight booked in sydney, paid to a US company from a bank account in the UK could be to blame I blasphemed the bank and tried to rebook the ticket. I phoned Malaysia air.. no problem they would keep my seat open... More...


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